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Welcome to Room 111!

We are having another great year at Pilsen Community Academy!

So far this year we have completed studies that focus on trees, pets, clothes, and buildings. When we complete a study it lasts for several weeks so students have an opportunity to explore their interests and learn about each subject. I encourage you to talk about each study at home too. Your children have already learned so much and are proud of their knowledge!

Next, we will be completing a study on recycling. We will be exploring topics such as what we throw away, what we can recycle, characteristics of what we recycle, tools used to recycle, and much more! Please refer to your child’s folder for more information about the current study and to see what centers your child explored in each day.

In our classroom we grow not only academically, but socially as well. We are committed to creating a classroom environment that is based on praise and positive reinforcement. We implement a “Super Friend” system where students are rewarded for following expectations. We model praising and complimenting students and encourage students to compliment their friends too. In our classroom we utilize descriptive praise and have clear expectations that are taught and reinforced through modeling, hands-on learning, and books. Students are frequently rewarded for being “Super Friends” through praise, high fives, receiving extra bubbles as a reward, and more.

Be on the look-out for newsletters and daily notes home in your child’s backpack. I love learning with your child and look forward to a wonderful rest of the school year!