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Current Parents & Students

What CPS school quality ranking is Pilsen Community Academy?

Pilsen Community Academy is proud to be a Level 1 Chicago public school.

CPS school quality ratings are determined by measurement in five categories that indicate student success including attendance, academic growth and school culture to provide a comprehensive assessment of each school’s performance.


How can I communicate with my child’s teacher?
Teacher contact information, classroom updates, homework assignments, and other resources for students and parents can be found within “Our Teachers” on this site.


How can I make an appointment to speak to the Principal or Assistant Principal?
You can make an appointment to with Principal Ali or Assistant Principal Allen by calling our main office: 773-534-7675.


How can I access my child’s grades and attendance records?
You can access your child’s grades through the CPS Parent Portal. If you have not set up your profile on the portal, follow the instructions in these PDFs:


Where can I find information about Pilsen Community Academy’s policies on discipline, uniforms, attendance and other school rules?
Our Parent Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of our school policies.


What is the My Voice, My School survey and how do I access it?

The My Voice, My School survey asks students, parents and teachers questions on five key factors in student learning to measure the overall quality of the school. It is a partnership between the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research and Chicago Public schools.

Access the results of 2014 Pilsen Community Academy’s My Voice, My School survey.


What are my responsibilities as a parent of a Pilsen Community Academy student?

  1. Ensure that the student arrives at school promptly and regularly.
  2. Provide students with signed and dated excuse for tardiness and absence.
  3. Review, sign, return, and support school discipline code. Show courtesy to students and staff.
  4. Attend parent-student-teacher conferences to work with school on disciplinary matters.
  5. Attend and support special all school events. Volunteer at least three days per year at school.
  6. Provide a time and place for homework to be done. Supervise homework to be done. Supervise homework and check for completion.
  7. Provide and replenish school supplies as they become depleted.
  8. Monitor student compliance with uniform/dress code.

What are my responsibilities as a Pilsen Community Academy student?

  1. Arrive at school on time and attend school regularly.
  2. Present a written excuse when tardy or after an absence.
  3. Know and follow school rules and procedures. Show courtesy other students and staff.
  4. Report immediately any verbal or physical aggression.
  5. Complete daily classroom work.
  6. Complete daily homework assignments.
  7. Be responsible for having needed supplies and books in class and at home.
  8. Comply with uniform/dress code.


How can I enroll my child in Pilsen Community Academy?

Visit our Enrollment page for information on CPS enrollment policies and admission requirements.


What are the attendance boundaries?

Attendance at Pilsen Community Academy is open to students living inside our attendance boundary.


General School Information

Who leads Pilsen Community Academy?

Adel M Ali – Principal

Vauncia Marie Allen – Assistant Principal


How many students attend Pilsen Community Academy?

We have approximately 436 students in the 2014/2015 school year.


What are the demographics of the students attending Pilsen Community Academy?

Asian 1.4%

Black 8%

Hispanic 89%

White .09%

Other .07%


Low Income 97.9%

Diverse Learners 28.7%

Limited English 36.9%

Mobility Rate 12.5%

Chronic Truancy Not enough data


Where is Pilsen Community Academy located?

We are located at:

1420 W 17th St

Chicago, IL 60608

CTA Bus: 9, 18

CTA Train: Pink


What are the the school hours?

Our standard school hours are 7:45 AM – 2:45 PM, Monday through Friday.