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How-to Overcome Deficiencies In Instructional Assurance

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11.3.16 Principal Newsletter

Dear PCA Family,
Can you believe it is November and 70 degrees outside? I know our students have been enjoying the extra time outside. October was a busy month with PCA’s first trip to the pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, and a middle school field trip to create their own book.
There are lots of updates this month, so please read carefully!

Weekly Newsletters
• We simply have too much going on to wait for one newsletter a month, so starting today, we will switch to weekly newsletters. You can expect a letter each Friday.
• Each week, the newsletter will also be posted on pilsen.cps.edu.

PCA Website
• The PCA website is being updated weekly! We are working to update all the pages, but to begin, we will have all newsletters posted. So, each Friday (or whatever the last day of the week may be), you can visit the website (pilsen.cps.edu), click on “About Us,” and view each principal newsletter.

Report Card Pick-Up
• Wednesday, November 9th is Report Card Pick-Up. Please complete the attached form to choose a time to meet with your child(ren)’s teacher(s). We will do our best to honor your requested times.
• Please allocate additional time when you visit PCA on 11.9 – we will have computers for logging into parent portal (this allows you to see grades any time you want), updating forms, and talking to support staff about any additional services we may be able to provide.

School Rating
• Pilsen has received a rating of Level 2 based on last year’s performance. For those who were here last year, you know that there were many transitions: teachers, administration, and students.
• Know that the PCA staff is committed to regaining our level 1 status this year – we are working hard, and we hope that you already see changes and are happy with our progress. If you have additional ideas, we would love to hear them at our LSC meetings!
• We need your help! Attendance is a big factor in our school rating – please be sure that your child(ren) are here every day on time. Please also be sure your child(ren) reads every night!

PARCC Reports
• You will receive your child’s PARCC report, the state’s new assessment.
• During report card pick-up, we will have two sessions that explain to you what PARCC is, how it assesses your child, and what the scores men.

We look forward to seeing each of you next week!

Leanne Hightower
Proud PCA Principal